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Southern Gospel

Chad Smith -- Guitar/lead vocals 


I am nothing except through the shed blood of Jesus. All honor, praise and glory goes to Him. Favorite Verse: Matthew 6:33

I was raised in Albany Ga. and spent summers with family in WV. I was a pastors' son but decided living like the world would be a good idea. It wasn't. I was very successful in business at the age of 25 and had it "all" by the worlds standards, but something was lacking. I had a huge whole in my heart. Now being raised in church, you'd think I would have immedietly realized what I needed, but I was hard headed. I chose a life of fast cars, big houses, whiskey and drugs over a loving family, and it was a disaster. 

Fortunetly for me, God is always ready to let us start again. He loves making things new and took the terrible addictions I had away, and restored my family. Not only did He restore my family but blessed my wife and I with another child in June of 2013. Alexandria Ann Smith is nothing less than a miracle of God. My wife Denise, and I also have a son that will be 14 this year. CJ is a joy to eveyone and we are very proud of him. Time flies by in this life! Denise and I have been married since July 3rd 1999. How this angel put up with me in my twenties, I'll never know, but I thank God that she did. My goal in this band is simple. To let men and women know that they don't have to stay where they are in their lives. They can change. That the Blood of Jesus has been shed for their sins, and the that Satan is already a defeated foe! God Bless ya'll. See you on the road!   

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