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Southern Gospel

Randall Long Vocals/guitar/Harmonica


Favorite Verse: Matthew 6:33 It took me a long time to figure this verse out. I was raised by two wonderful Christian parents in the hills of West Virginia. Church was always a part of our lives, but the older I got, the farther away from it I got. I moved to Atlanta with a guitar, a pup tent, a change of clothes and a dream. Success in the music industry was my goal and my only interest. Eventually I achieved a great deal of success in the South. I had the opportunity to tour with some of the biggest names in the industry. I became totally engrossed in that lifestyle and the bad habits that often come along with it. Slowly, but surely things started to fall apart and I found myself in a precarious position with a wife and a two year old son. I only knew how to do one thing and was no longer able to make a living doing it. I had to get a "real job"! In hindsight, I realize that God didn't want me using my gifts in the manner that I had been, so He removed me from it. 


Enter Phase two of my life. My "real job" ended up being in the Automotive industry. Long story short, I worked hard, advanced through the ranks, and became successful in the corporate world. Although I missed playing music, I probably would've continued down that corporate road forever if God hadn't seen fit to remove me once again! It took Him quite awhile, but He finally got my attention. Everytime I got ahead, He jerked the rug out from under me because I was trying to forge my own way, instead of surrendering to His will. 


Forced to start over once again, I ended up at a new job. This is where I met a scrappy young guy named Chad who was as lost as I was. After many long talks and soul searching, he went to back to church, eventually dragging me with him. I found myself actually listening to the sermon with interest. The scales were lifted from my eyes and things started to make sense. I made a promise to God to use my gift to honor Him and spread The Good News. 


I may have taken the long way around but I'm finally doing what God put me here to do! 


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